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Current and Past Projects


Evaluation of International IDEA project: Supporting Electoral Processes in Kenya

The project involves assessing the the relevance and impacts of the component of International IDEA’s project Supporting Electoral Processes in Kenya relating to the pilot-testing of Electoral Risk Mangement Tool.

Border Security Action Plan for Kenya.

In Partnership with Stimson Centre the project aims to assist the Government of Kenya in developing and fulfilling a comprehensive border security strategy.

Strengthening Democratic Governance through Research and Policy Dialogue

Description: The Overall Objective of the Project is “to positively influence the implementation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and other reforms agreed to under the Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation (KNDR) Agreement, by focusing on security sector reform and national cohesion and integration". The KNDR Agreement was concluded in February 2008 following 2007 post election violence (PEV).

The Specific Objectives of the Project include:

  • Evaluating progress on security sector and national cohesion and integration reforms recommended under KNDR;
  • Engaging policy makers, academicians and civil society members in regular dialogue on reforms;
  • Assessing the extent to which gender is mainstreamed in the security sector reforms and national cohesion policy process;
  • Contributing to the strengthening of researcher's capacity at APFO on policy-relevant research;
  • Documenting public opinion on the progress and emerging views on the thematic areas in Agenda 4 through the use of ICTs, as well as
  • Documenting and share public opinion with existing post-election reconciliation reconstruction structures, including Parliament.

Common Foreign and Security Policy for the East African Community

Towards a Regional Security Architecture: Assessing Issues and Developing Capacity in the Horn of Africa

Towards Developing a Regional Security Architecture for the Horn of Africa: Developing Regional Responses to Human Insecurity (Phase II)
Donor: IDRC

Deepening Citizen Participation on Electoral Reforms Agenda


Strengthening Democratic Governance Through ICTs: Post Conflict Reconstruction in Kenya


Conflict Early Warning and Rapid Response Fund


Facilitation of Citizens Participation in the National Accord through ICTs
Description: The overall objective of the research project was to positively influence the implementation of the National Reconciliation Agenda Item Number Four by enhancing public participation in shaping policy through the use of Information Communication Technologies.

The project aimed at:

  • Analyzing the Agenda Four related issues covered and highlighted by the media (and other ICT channels) and identifying gaps and issues that were not being covered through the media.
  • Facilitating the use of ICTs interactively between the citizens at the grassroots and the policy making process for increased participation in democratic governance through specific focus on agenda four of the National Peace Accord.
  • Creating linkages with the post-election reconstruction structure and with relevant parliamentary select committees to channel the views of citizens into the policy making process on emerging issues related to Agenda Four.